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join us for pursuit 2019!

In October of 2018, our Pastor felt led to call a time of revival. What began as a planned series of services turned into much more. The services, initially planned for October 7-10, 2018, turned into much more than any of us anticipated. Lasting all the way through the month of October on various nights titled “Pursuit Revival Nights,” our church, along with many people from surrounding churches, experienced an outpouring of God’s presence that many in this day are hungry to experience!

Our prayer is that this “revival” would not just be a great series of services, but the beginning of a movement. Our culture is starving for truth and there is nothing more true, more needed and more hoped for than a true outpouring of God’s power and presence in our lives and communities. We hope that what started in October becomes a movement that captivates an entire city and region in the coming months!

Through much prayer and counsel, rather than continue a series of planned services, we have decided to host various “Pursuit Revival Nights” on various evenings throughout 2019. This page, along with our social media pages, will keep everyone up to date on all of the information about this movement. Check this page often for updates on planned services as we move forward into what we believe is a latter day outpouring of God’s power and presence in our everyday lives.

fasting and prayer

At GWC, we believe in the power of prayer and fasting. We believe that every great movement of God’s power and presence is preceded by prayer and fasting. We want to encourage you to live a life of consistent fasting and prayer as we believe this will be paramount to the movement we are believing God for in our city.

During the month of January, we will be focusing all of our ministry efforts on collectively praying and fasting; believing for God to do great things in our city! We are currently planning various “Pursuit Prayer Nights” along with “Pursuit Revival Nights” services for 2019.

We currently have Pursuit Revival Nights planned for January 2 and January 23, 2019 at 7pm.

We will join together on a church-wide 21 day January 3-23 as we believe God for even greater things in our city. Below is a link for more information on fasting.

Stay connected with us through this page and our social media accounts to stay informed about upcoming prayer times and services.


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