Grace Center Hostel (Hotel), Tanzania

 As you can see from the plans above, we are working hard to raise the money needed to make the dream of building the Grace Center Hostel, a reality…  


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If you think about it, you hold the keys to make this project successful. Just by viewing this web site is not enough, we need your donation to make this dream a reality… 

In June 2012, a group of 16 Team Members from Goldsboro Worship Center (GWC) traveled to Tanzania, Africa to work on the Shalom Orphanage. 


What we found was: how disparate the needs of the children are. Their ages range from a few months to approximately 12 years of age. In sharing with the Director, Mrs. Warra E. Nnko, whom we call “Mama Warra”; we discovered her vision for a permanent area of income. She currently has none. She depends on donations from volunteers.

They grow their own vegetables and raise animals for their food source. Money is needed for teachers, clothing, shoes, and older children going to boarding school during the week, etc., etc.  

Mama Warra's husband died in 2011, and she, so courageously, chose to carry on their work. 

On the Sunday morning we were there for service; Mama Warra and 60 children filed in, clean, in their best clothing and exceptionally well behaved. I feel she is doing a fantastic job caring for these children in her charge. We arrived in their winter and found that the children only had a sheet to cover them from the chill of the night. They had no blankets or heat in their building. Our Team bought 60 blankets so each child could have their own. It is clear the Orphanage truly needs some area of permanent and regular income. They are on a high volume tourist route, mostly Americans. They are also on the “Tour Stop” and Tourists spend 20-30 minutes at the Orphanage. A few leave a small donation. 

Her vision is to build a small Hostel next to the Orphanage (on land they already own). She would have a small but permanent income for assistance in the day to day operation of the Orphanage. 


GWC has committed to build the Hostel for the benefit of these children. The estimated cost is $90,000.00 to build to code for a business operation and the goal is to raise it in 2 years. The initial phase is approximately 1/3 of the overall cost and this includes engineers, permits, pre-approval of government agencies, footings (the footings are extremely expensive due to the soil), foundation, concrete slab which will be pre-plumbed. After the slab is completed by the Tanzanian technicians, the rest of the labor will be done by volunteers. 


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