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GWC offers ministry opportunities for people of all ages. Call or use our online contact form to get more information about any of the ministries you see here and the many other activities going on at GWC.
family ministries
nursery & preschool
An environment dedicated to your little ones. GWC Nursery & Preschool provides a safe, nurturing climate for your child.
children 3 years old - 5th grade
Partnering with parents - leading children into a growing relationship with God. We welcome your kids to an exciting time filled with incredible praise and worship, amazing performances, and an exciting journey through the Good Book as we bring the Bible to life before their very eyes!
students 12-18
Goldsboro Worship Center Student Ministries open the doors to an incredible, approach to... "church"! How is that possible? We are all tired of the usual. Come see how GWC Student Ministries, and church, can be different. Hey relax, you may even enjoy yourself.
Amp'd is a group that is transforming the college and 20-something experience in eastern NC, and wherever else God chooses to take us.
The classics is a group 50 and up ministry that is brought together by a history of people that still have a passion for life and a love for God! They meet on a regular basis that generates an atmosphere  conducive with fun, excitement and a heart for the Lord. 
adult ministries
          bible enrichment
Each Wednesday Goldsboro Worship Center offers a variety of adult ministries. These are designed to enrich the faith and relationships of God's people.  From the oldest adult to the youngest adult you will leave informed, inspired & encouraged by the study of the word.
gwc music
Goldsboro Worship Center Music & Arts department desires to build an army of people  who have been gifted  by God with musical  abilities that can be used  corporately to worship and build the Kingdom of God in this ministry.
connecting women
Ladies are you looking for a place to relax, laugh and meet new people? Girlfriends Unlimited is for you!
connecting men
Brothers Connected of GWC is a ministry where men can make a difference in their church, community and family while reaching a passion to do God's Kingdom work!
care ministries
convalescent care
This ministry takes the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ into nursing homes, assisted living homes, and Alzheimer's facilities.
mission ministries
This ministry has a burning passion to go beyond the walls of our local church. Weather by local or overseas mission through "Men and Women of Action" the great commission is its mandate to care and reach people of all nationalities with the unconditional love of Christ.
GWC ministries
The outreach ministry of GWC is an active part of our local church. Every week we stretch ourselves by going into areas somehow forgotten.  We do this by transportation, by outreach projects or special events and loving people that God has not forgotten. We strive to enrich the lives of the less fortunate to un-label them as societies unwanted into Gods Big Family.
Life group ministries
dave ramsey 
financial peace 
Empowering and giving FINANCIAL HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed. Click picture on left for more info.

              adult small group 
A relaxed gathering every 2 weeks on Thursday's providing biblically based instruction for men and women to grow strong with knowledge, power & spiritual strength. 

student small group 
Coming together every 2 weeks on Sunday afternoons giving youth a place to connect, grow spiritually and have a blast with fun activities.  

               college small group 
Meeting each Monday available at several home location to build relationships, draw from biblical inspiration & make a difference for Christ in todays society. 
gwc bikers
Making noise for the Kingdom! Taking the message of Christ into all the world "BIKER STYLE". The only thing missing is YOU AND YOUR BIKE!  
coming soon!!! GOLF SMALL GROUP
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